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NIB staff exchange and training at Amsterdam UMC

From 12 to 14 December 2023, we continued to build excellence in the support services of the National Institute of Biology (NIB) when three colleagues from the corporate services (two from the project office and one from the institute library) travelled to Amsterdam, where they were hosted by the CutCancer project partner Amsterdam UMC (VUmc).…

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Summer School for In Situ Sequencing profiling of brain tumours

Tumours are complex mixture of a heterogeneous population of cells that possess distinct genetic, morphological, and phenotypic profiles, which can affect tumour development and therapeutic resistance. The success of cancer treatments relies on the comprehension of the heterogeneous and immune hostile tumour microenvironment (TME), further on providing additional possibilities to eliminate its tumour supportive role.…

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Hands-on training

Sonja Žabkar and Katarina Fras underwent three-week hands-on training at Swansea University Medical School, Swansea, Wales, where they gained new knowledge on working and handling the in vitro cell co-culture lung model. They saw how to handle the co-cultures in the inserts, such as media change, treating the co-cultures with chemicals, establishing an air-liquid interface (ALI), where the cells are apically exposed to air, harvesting, and fixing the cells for further experiments. They also managed to touch the principles of micronucleus assay with fixed cells and its analysis on the Metafer system.

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Staff exchange and training of NIB at Swansea University

The staff from the NIB Project Office, the Technology Transfer Office, the Public Relations Office, the Accountancy Department and the Human Resource Office attended the four-day training to gain new knowledge and share best practices to strengthen research management capacity and administrative skills with the main aim to expand the research and innovation capacity at NIB.

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Biochemistry of Cancer

The overarching aim of CutCancer is to improve the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in the field of 3D in vitro cancer research at the National Institute of Biology, Slovenia, through access to state-of-the-art technologies. We have prepared a seminar for master students that attend a course of Biochemistry in Cancer.

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