Staff exchange and training of NIB at Swansea University

The staff from the NIB Project Office, the Technology Transfer Office, the Public Relations Office, the Accountancy Department and the Human Resource Office attended the four-day training to gain new knowledge and share best practices to strengthen research management capacity and administrative skills with the main aim to expand the research and innovation capacity at NIB.
Figure 1- CutCancer

They were hosted by Shareen Doak at Swansea University Medical School. During the four-day visit the NIB trainees participated at presentations given by SWAN employees and had F2F meetings with specialists in specific fields. Damjana Miklič Milek presented the NIB as a whole and the activities we are engaged in. Each NIB participant presented him/herself and the activities in which he/she is involved. Bojana Žegura presented the project “Twining for Excellence to Strategically Advance Research in Carcinogenesis and Cancer (CutCancer)”.