Seminar at NIB, 24.04.2024 “In Situ sequencing applied to cancer”

In this presentation, we will explore the methodology and significance of analyzing In Situ Sequencing (ISS) data in the
context of colorectal cancer liver metastasis (CRCLM) and glioblastoma (GBM) samples. ISS offers a powerful approach
to investigate spatially resolved gene expression patterns within tissues, providing crucial insights into tumor
microenvironments and cellular interactions. We will discuss the principles of ISS data analysis. Additionally, we will
delve into the specific applications of ISS in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying colorectal cancer liver
metastasis and glioblastoma progression. By harnessing ISS technology, researchers can uncover novel biomarkers,
therapeutic targets, and spatially defined gene expression signatures, ultimately advancing our understanding and
treatment strategies for these aggressive malignancies.

You are cordially invited to attend this lecture, which will be held in English also on ZOOM:

Meeting number: 858 7867 6262, Passcode: 517570