Research & Innovation Transforming European Healthcare


“If we don’t speak up, they will not hear!”

We were very honoured and grateful to present our CutCancer Project and our research done at NIB (National Institute of Biology), at Research & Innovation Transforming European Healthcare in Brussels, that was so greatly organized by Slovenian Business & Research Association (SBRA) Prof. Dr. Drasko Veselinovic and Brussels-based partners. We heard some amazing pitches from Slovenia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Hungary and Lithuania that were presented to scientific community, regulatory bodies, policy makers , administrative staff and professional networks in the field of Health.

Slovenian Business & Research Association organised visit to KU Leuven University which remains the top-ranked university in both Belgium and the Benelux region, as well as the fourth university in the European Union. The KU Leuven Association hosts some of the most innovative research potential in the world. We visited first the Health house and discovered the future of health care and continued the tour to the KU Leuven University that was presented by prof. Bart Hendrickx. Prof. Jean- Marie Aerts presented afterwords the Leuven Health Technology Center. The Leuven Health Technology Centre aims to be a transdisciplinary centre that harnesses the innovative potential of technology-enhanced active and healthy living research and opens this up to collaboration with external partners through valorisation, technology transfer and commercialisation activities. They want to develop and support the active and healthy living research within the KU Leuven Association through the integration of technological development, biological data analysis and rehabilitation into patient-centric products and services.

Let’s make an impact on society and remember, where there is science there is health.