News in the field of radiotherapy and radiobiology: from research to the clinic

The aim of the conference was to give an overview of the research being carried out in Slovenia in the field of radiotherapy and radiobiology. Clinical and preclinical research in the field of treatment of various cancers such as breast cancer, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer and brain cancer was presented. The research areas included all treatment methods such as chemotherapy, targeted drugs and immunotherapy as well as radiotherapy. In addition to the research, innovations in immunotherapy treatment were also presented, with a focus on combining it with radiotherapy. Metka Novak from NIB gave a presentation on patient-derived glioblastoma organoids and how they can show resistance of glioblastoma to clinical therapies. She presented new features and the complex composition of glioblastoma organoids and explained how organoids provide a clinically relevant culture system for assessing the specific responses of glioblastoma patients to therapy. She also presented the CutCancer project and explained how the findings from this project will enhance scientific excellence and innovation capacity in the field of 3D in vitro cancer research at NIB, through access to cutting-edge technologies such as spatial transcriptomics and proteomics.