Exploring the Frontiers of Cancer Immunotherapy: From Models to Breakthroughs

Barbara Breznik, PhD, gave oral presentation entitled Personalized glioblastoma models for immunotherapy research. She summarized research work on personalize glioblastoma models that have been established at NIB to explore glioblastoma and therapeutic potential of natural killer cell-based therapy for brain tumors. She presented CutCancer project and its objectives to the audience.
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1st IMMUNO-model COST Action Conference showcased novel experimental models that bridge the gap from bench to bedside, providing insights into the complex interactions between the immune system, tumor microenvironment, and immunotherapy interventions. Through interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations among researchers, clinicians, and industry experts, the conference aimed to accelerate the translation of experimental findings into clinical practice. Attendees had the opportunity to share their latest research, discuss challenges, and explore innovative strategies for advancing the field of immunotherapy research. The ultimate goal was to improve patient outcomes by optimizing immunotherapy efficacy and minimizing toxicity through robust experimental models.