2nd General Assembly meeting

slika 6

The General Assembly met online on 15th of April 2024, focusing on the interim progress report and the upcoming technical review meeting.

Members of the General Assembly discussed the upcoming progress report deadline of May 2024, emphasising the need for updated information on milestones, researchers, and risks.

Details on financial reporting were also discussed.

The technical review meeting is scheduled for 4th June 2024. It will assess the progress of the project and the contributions of the beneficiaries and their integration into the project, the use of resources, management, and potential impact of the project, etc.

Minor deviations in visits and trainings have been identified and corrective measures have been implemented.

Finally, it was discussed that Swansea University will host the Genotoxicity Workshop on 26-28 June 2024. All project partners are invited to attend the event.